The Personal Coach Gianmarco Moretti expert in personal security and different styles of Krav Maga, famous Israeli self-defense tactic, born as a martial artist in Japanese styles such as Judo, Kobudo and Karate; then go through concrete experiences and on the field to develop and study full-contact combat forms such as Kickboxing, ValeTudo / MMA, Submission Wrestling, K1, BJJ, Keysi. Simultaneously with these disciplines, he obtains the maximum possible training in the certified functional training method called TacFit, also obtaining a patent for a complete combat system: the Jujitsu Survival, a contemporary martial art, truly effective on the physical and mental level, based on the use of lethal force in the operative field and on a new system of neuroscientific study of biomechanics in the instinctively applied movements by man under stress; 

This method consists of the union of the Israeli Tacfit and Hisardut (Survival).

In the last 18 years of his life he has assiduously practiced every discipline listed, but above all through specific courses both in Italy and abroad he specialized in Personal Defense becoming a complete Military Combatant and Disarmament Operator. Titles, Prizes, Placements of all merit, including a World Championship for Clubs in Combat with the Nunchaku, and Certifications and / or Professional Patents are not missing from the list including specific insights on 'self-defense Feminine who has spent a lot of time on the study of prevention and the techniques to be applied, has also created a DVD with a Regional project on Defense Women, and now also deals with preventions, communication, and safety in both public and private medical environment. 

Gianmarco Moretti has coached Elisabetta Canalis. In addition to the practice, Gianmarco has also carried out professional work in the field of safety through experience of control rooms, cultural events, concerts, private services, etc. Following one of its courses, in the case of self-defense, shelters from bad surprises but also helps to have more confidence in themselves and to be able to deal adequately with any dangerous situation; as far as fitness is concerned, it means achieving important and real results.

Learning to fight and defend against any form of physical and psychological aggression requires instinct, reactivity and above all self-confidence. It consists of the preparation of excellent reflexes and the improvement of gestures to improve self-awareness and appropriate use of an effective and decisive method, remembering that the difference is made by man, his emotional experience, his own forms of culture and environments of life, from its habits.


The training sessions developed by Moretti derive from a complete, profound but never casual experience both as regards individual consultancies and group courses. For body to body as self-defense or intended as a combat sport Gianmarco interprets and personalizes for each student what is necessary and inherent in people, respecting their ability and personality and trying to develop their physical potential, technical skills, attitudes psychological and achieving their goals.


Gianmarco Moretti is an athlete expert in biomechanics, in strategy, in psychology in the field of personal safety in the cycle of crisis management of the individual applying training formulas based on motor NLP, in tactical fitness with human skills that go beyond the normal routine of the classic personal trainer, working with him always means doing an internship never a lesson.


Tacfit Prato Bisentius Legio

Tacfit Survival Ju Jitsu